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A Thanksgiving Prayer


Thank you for creating us, fearfully and wonderfully. Let us never forget we are handcrafted by you, lovingly and knowingly.

Thank you for creating the people we love, uniquely and beautifully. Let us never forget they are gifts from You, worth honoring and treasuring.

Thank you for the table around which we sit, plentiful and lively. Let us never forget to invite others in with kindness and sharing.

Thank you for the home we live in, securely and safely. Let us never forget it is from You; may it be inviting and life giving.

Thank you for the community we are in, messy and beautiful. Let us rely on you; may we be loving and forgiving.  

Thank you for the world we live in, breaking and vibrant. Let us put our hope in You; may we see your healing and beauty.

Thank you for Your presence with us, near and constant. Let us turn our eyes towards you: may we be trusting and confident.


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