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I Am Forever Yours

Loving God,

My life is held tenderly, wisely and firmly in Your hands. Nothing is stronger than Your grip or more secure than your love. 

When my life is filled with sorrow, You wipe every tear and hold me close. 

When unspeakable joy and celebration bring my soul to life, there You are dancing with me.   

Not one of my days goes by unknown to You. Not a moment of my life is outside of Your grace. 

Though I am often unaware of You, still You see me. 

Every day of my life I am the object of Your perfect love. 

You know when I sit and rise and when I fall down you help me up. 

You are the lifter of my head, the silencer of my fears and the keeper of my heart. 

You love me every day of my life and your goodness and mercy will forever follow me. 

I am forever Yours.