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Soul Unrest

Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again.” John 6:35

He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away with empty hands. Luke 1:53

If I am spiritually dull and my soul feels empty, it is because I have filled my life with other loves. If my life has no margin, no Sabbath, I will not realize I am hungry – starving even. Instead, I will find myself addicted to doing and unable to sit. When I fill my life with many things – whether material or immaterial – at the expense of my soul, I will never be satisfied. My soul’s yearnings will come out in impatience, bitterness, weariness and discouragement. No matter how much I hide in my ‘to do’ list, even those things that are good, I will feel a deep unrest. No matter how many things I attain, accomplishments I have or dreams I see fulfilled, my soul will never be at rest unless it is satisfied by him. These things were never meant to fulfill me.

My deepest longings are met in the stillness with him. Here I am tended to by the one who created me. It is here I find perspective and see what is truly important. Things that seemed important before fade away and I see clearly why I was created. It is in this place I find I was truly created for him. My lust to be great is exchanged for a desire to know him and make him known. My life becomes a love story. One where he gently leads and I stay near. My acts become a worshipful response instead of a frantic attempt to gain approval from him and others. My identity no longer rests on my greatness, but on his. I no longer need things to mask my hunger, but I become satisfied and grateful. When I am with him, my soul is satisfied and at rest.

Prayer: Father, Show me those places where I am trying to satisfy myself with things other than you. Give me the courage to let go of the things you show me so I can embrace you. All of the things I am addicted to, whether it be my phone, busyness, alcohol, relationships, shopping, ministry etc point to places where I am trying to satisfy my soul with things that will never bring peace. As long as I look to these things, I will always have deep unrest because these things were never meant to take the place of you. The relief they bring always leave when I am still. Calm my mind and my heart, and give me a new perspective. Let me see things as they are. Where I have a hard time trusting, begin to reveal your heart for me. I want to see you.